Miriam Nielsen, Tobias R. Kirstein & Ursula Nistrup


Tulpa is an artists’ (log)book published in conjunction with the exhibition “Tulpa - a fictive topography” at Fotografisk Center, Copenhagen, 2016. The book consists of travel notes from a fictional place in words and images. Photographs, drawings and an onomatopoeic sound walk describe an undefined landscape.


With text contributions by Deepa Bhasthi, Jesper Elving and Sharada Srinivasan.


112 x 172 mm

72 pages

BW offset + 1 spot color


90g Munken Lynx Rough

Edition of 300

Printed by Narayana Press, Denmark

Published June 2016

ISBN 978-87-997693-6-0

Graphic Design: Martin Ransby


10 € + Shipping