Pigeons - New York City

Martin C. Fagerlund


“Pigeons - New York City” is a series of black and white photographs shot over a 3 week period in 2009, now published in book form for the first time. It is a homage to the most hated bird in NYC, and simultaneously a portrait of New Yorkers and the city itself.


Martin C. Fagerlund (b.1980) is a photographer and graphic designer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. His work is mainly shot in urban environments and ranges from documentary, over fine art, to street photography. Often guided by personal impulses and instincts, he works in series with various atmospheric starting points, and his work is usually characterized by a graphic and abstract approach to photography.




200 x 240 mm

48 pages

27 Photographs

B/W Digital print

Perfect bound

150g silk paper

Numbered edition of 100

Published September 2014

Edited and designed by:

Martin Ransby & Martin C. Fagerlund

ISBN 978-87-997693-0-8


24 € + Shipping